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Elsa Agostinho
25th Floor 1100 René-Lévesque Blvd. West Montreal, QC H3B 5C9
Elsa Agostinho photoElsa Agostinho is a member of our strategic Business Immigration team and specializes in Canadian immigration. She is recognized for her professionalism, broad expertise and ability to respond to the changing and growing needs of enterprises operating internationally.
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I want to get immigration to canada

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Motasem Hussein alfadli

My family came to saudia Arabia in 1963 When they run for their live from Yemen The government of saudia gave my father at that time Saudi passport and all his family was added in that passport . After few years they start to took his kids from the passport insted of gave them passport too . And force us to get Yemeni passport so we can get i.d. At that time we were young and my parents were not educated so they know there rights well . Now only my father and mother and my oldest sister got Saudi passport without getting national i.d as saudies . Just been called foreign with saudies passport in their I.d And all my sisters and brothers got Yemeni passport. So we can get i.d as we been told that time . Me and most of my brothers and sisters been born in Saudi Arabia and my children too been born here. Now my family and my parents family force to leave cause they ask for tax for staying we have to pay around 1200 sr for each and get doubled until 4× Times in 2020. We can't get that much to stay in saudia. So am asking if we can get immigration for my parents family and mine as well.