Affiliate Program

Earn 30% Commission on Sales

It's a perfect job for the time of pandemic. You do it independently and remotely. Its objective is to register individual lawyers and lawyers offices to publish their professional profiles in the Canadian law directory.

Law professionals across Canada are discovering the simplicity and ease-of-use of – and they're loving it!

Help your clients grow a referrals based business by introducing them to the fast growing marketing solution. To top it off, you'll build yourself a healthy residual income in the process!

Available products/services for sale by affiliates: Directory Listing Banner Ads

There are many benefits of being an Affiliate:

  • 30% affiliate commission
  • Paid monthly, beginning with your first client, no cap or time limit
  • No upfront program fee or financial investment required
  • handles the sales process, client billing and customer support
  • ensures your success with sales and marketing support including:
    Free account for personal use and sales demonstrations
    Complete sales, marketing, and demo support

Who can qualify as an Affiliate?

  • Providers of complementary law related products or services
  • Online marketers selling to lawyers or law related products/services
  • Anyone who knows lawyers and wants to earn affiliate income


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