Craig Penney, Child Pornography Lawyer

Craig Penney, Child Pornography Lawyer photoWith child pornography, luring, and other computer crime charges, you need a Toronto criminal lawyer with a solid record of success. With mandatory jail, the sex offender registry, and bans for up to life from the internet, contact with children, and parks/swimming areas, hiring the right lawyer is vital. I'm a certified specialist in criminal defence with a long history of defending child pornography and sex crimes. For 23 years, I've been winning at trial, protecting clients under investigation, and advising other lawyers. I know of no other lawyer in Ontario with more experience and success in these challenging, complex, and heartrending cases. Explore at a wealth of information, including over 100 Court transcripts and Judges' Rulings. Witness my commitment, persistence, and strategy. Gain a feel for the path before you, the decisions we'll have to make, and how we can achieve a favourable result. If you or someone you care about has been arrested and/or requires criminal law advice, contact me now for a confidential consultation.
Craig Penney, Child Pornography Lawyer
205 -- 120 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 4K2
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